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Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt Tokyo Garden

Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt
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Japanese Gardens Abroad

The “Cairo Tokyo Garden, Arab Republic of Egypt” was constructed by our company in 1992, but had become damaged over the years.
The work this time was mainly woodwork, and included renovation of the garden gate, the main gate, the drum bridge, and the shia (four arches).

The main gate, Kabukimon. All materials were processed and embalmed in Japan and exported to Egypt.

garden gate

In the Ryotei, the earthen floor, pillars, etc. were left in place, and the rest of the roof, balustrade, etc. were all renewed.

The pillars and pillars of the drum bridge have been retained, but the parapets and floorboards have been removed and replaced with new ones.

In addition, we constructed a squa, an information board, and a pond revetment.

The award was presented by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Construction.


Awarded by the Bureau of Construction, Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the completion of the "Restoration of Tokyo Garden in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt" with excellent results.

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