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National Graden Festival Liverpool ’84

Liverpool International Garden Expo
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Japanese Gardens Abroad

When the National Graden Festival Liverpool ’84 was held in 1984, we constructed a Japanese garden. The site of this exposition had been unused for a long time and was in disrepair, but the City of Liverpool decided to redevelop the site, including the Japanese Garden.

Photo taken at the time of construction in 1984

This is a photo taken just before the construction. The lantern shown in the photo taken at the time of the construction in 1984 has become only a part of the base (circled in red). (The area circled in red)

The Japanese garden is presented as Satoru-style (our employee's name: you may not be familiar with the term "Japanese garden")

The Liverpool Echo

Along with the restoration, we also reconstructed the azumaya, or four-storied arbor, seen in the back, and the gate.

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