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Toshima Ward Gyoko Elementary School

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Natural regeneration technologies (refugia, biotopes)

We renovated an existing biotope in order to restore the landscape of Toshima Ward in the past. Seeds were taken from natural areas around the school, and from the water’s edge to the forest, we recreated an ogi community and a white oak community, and for the pond, we used water plants cultivated from those that used to grow in the paddy fields in Tokyo.
Green Environmental Design Award, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Prize

Local seedlings: Omodaka, Sankakui, Onisuge, Kantou dandelion, etc.
Local vegetation unit: Ogi (Cryptomeria japonica D. D.) community, Kunugi (Quercus serrata) – Quercus serrata community, Japanese white oak community, etc.

To familiarize the students with the biotope, we held an extracurricular class to think with the students about the characteristics of the plants and the places where they might grow.

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