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Senshu University Black Gate (130th Anniversary Restoration)

3-10 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 
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Schools and other cultural and educational facilities

As a company that specializes in Japanese gardens, we occasionally have the opportunity to construct such gates, and it is a great honor for us to be involved in the construction of such a venerable black gate.
Kuromon Kuromon is a gate called “Kabukimon” (gate with no roof), which is introduced in newspapers of various companies, and is made of two pillars and a crossbar. It is made of cypress wood and coated with persimmon tannin to give it a black color. It was completed after detailed discussions with the designer, Nikken Sekkei Ltd. From the black gate and pine tree planting to the pavement, we constructed the gate.

130th Anniversary Restoration: Senshu University's Black Gate, Kanda, Tokyo

Copper-plated pillars

decorated with ivory

The sidewalk to the left of Senshu University's Black Gate is a sidewalk open to the public

The sidewalk portion is paved with sleepers and granite pavement on both sides.

Stone benches are placed here and there for viewing and resting.


Based on the landscaping techniques we have developed over the years, we are also involved in landscaping as an environment, including cultural buildings.
These landscaping projects are difficult due to their special characteristics, but we are proud of the honor that comes with them.
The topic of the restoration of Senshu University's Black Gate was covered on TV and in newspapers.

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