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Parks and other cultural and public facilities4

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Parks and other cultural and public facilities

The role of parks in the living environment is diverse, including large-scale parks operated by the national and local governments as places for recreation, various parks including disaster prevention parks that protect the urban living environment, and greening that provides a comfortable living environment for the residents of public housing. Therefore, construction must focus on the primary role while considering many different perspectives.

Seawall Restoration (Taisho Era) Former Hamarikyu Gardens Tide Inlet Pond Tokyo/Chuo Awarded by Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Construction

Park Furukawa Ibaraki and the surrounding area History Park Ibaraki/Furukawa

1998 Winter Olympic Facilities Greening Minami Nagano Athletic Park Tokyo/Chuo


Proper management of parks, gardens, and other landscapes is essential for their long-term sustainability.

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Parks and other cultural and public facilities4 | Hakone Ueki Co.