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Royal Flora Lachapruek 2006

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Japanese Gardens Abroad

At the “Royal Flora Ratchapruek 2006,” a 1500 square meter Japanese garden was created and the latest greening technology was also exhibited. (The Japanese garden exhibited by Japan won first place in the category of outdoor gardens over 1000 m2.)

rest house

The "Ooga Lotus" was brought from Japan and planted.

The exhibition displays the different ways of expressing the unique 'flow of water' in Japanese gardens.

Tsukubai ancient coin shape

terraced farm

Chikuzan, but Mt. Fuji is understood.


Royal Flora Ratchapruek 2006, as its name suggests, is the first international horticultural exposition to be held in Thailand to celebrate the 60th anniversary of King Bhumibol's reign and his 80th birthday. This AIPH-accredited international horticultural exposition consists of three main exhibition halls.

First, "Gardens for the King" consists of "International Gardens" and "Corporate Gardens", The "International Gardens" exhibit includes plants and gardens from Asian countries such as India, Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, China, and Japan; European countries such as Turkey, the Netherlands, and Spain; and African countries such as Kenya and Mauritania.
Next, at the THAI TROPICAL GARDEN, visitors can get a close-up look at tropical plants unique to Thailand.
Finally, the Royal Pavilion and the expo's various events and services are located in the Expo Plaza. The Royal Pavilion is a beautiful building in the Lanna art style that evokes the traditions of Thailand.

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