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Condominiums and apartment complexes

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Condominiums and apartment complexes

Greening of condominiums and housing complexes must create the environment itself from all angles, not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of healing, color coordination, and response to global warming and heat radiation.

Common area landscaping and themed garden Royal Parks Shinden, Tokyo/Adachi

Common area landscaping and nighttime lighting (lighting up) Royal Parks Shinden Tokyo/Adachi

Wall greening Crum Hamadayama, Tokyo/Suginami

Rooftop vegetable garden Kurum Hamadayama Tokyo/Suginami

Rooftop vegetable garden, rooftop greening, Brotet Yokohama, Takashimadai, Kanagawa/Yokohama


We are involved in numerous greening projects that provide a comfortable living environment for residents and protect the urban living environment.

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Condominiums and apartment complexes | Hakone Ueki Co.