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Home page terms of use

Home page terms of use

About the homepage
  • This website is hosted and operated by Hakone Ueki Co., Ltd. Before using this homepage, please check the terms of use stated on this page. If you use the website without checking the Terms of Use, we will assume that you have agreed to the Terms of Use.
About the use of the homepage
  • This homepage may be used for non-commercial, private use. However, this homepage may not be used for any purpose such as causing inconvenience or disadvantage to third parties or any act that violates public order and morals. Additionally, any use that interferes with the operation of this website is strictly prohibited.
About homepage disclaimer
  • Hakone Ueki Co., Ltd. does not assume any responsibility or guarantee for any direct or indirect damage caused by using this website.
About the content of the homepage
  • We do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any information contained on this website.
    Information obtained through this website should be used at your own discretion.
Regarding confidentiality of the homepage
  • Hakone Ueki Co., Ltd. assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage caused by loss or leakage of registered or provided information when using the services of this website.
About links to the homepage
  • When using third party websites linked from this website, please follow the terms of use of the linked website.
    Please note that Hakone Ueki Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damage caused by using these linked websites.
About third party information on the homepage
  • Information about third parties posted on this website cannot be used without the permission of the third party.
Regarding images on the homepage etc.
  • The images (photos, illustrations, etc.), texts, data, photos, and databases on the homepage are created independently by Hakone Ueki Co., Ltd. Unauthorized use of these images, texts, and other expressions created by Hakone Ueki Co., Ltd. for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • All of these expressions are protected by intellectual property rights such as copyright laws and trademark laws. You may not copy, modify, or otherwise use any information on this homepage, in whole or in part, that violates the law.
About downloading and printing
  • Please keep all copyright notices on anything downloaded or printed from this homepage.
Homepage maintenance
  • In order to maintain the good operation of this website, we may add, change, or delete the content of this website, close the website, or suspend its operation without prior notice or notice.
  • In the event that a dispute arises between the user and Hakone Ueki Co., Ltd. regarding the use of this website or the services provided by Hakone Ueki Co., Ltd. on this website, the Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance for all disputes. Court.
Opinions about the homepage
  • Hakone Ueki Co., Ltd. is not obligated to respond to any comments or comments you may have regarding this website, although we welcome them.

The terms of use for this homepage will come into effect from November 7, 2002.

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