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We now live in an age when almost all people have become aware of the importance of coexisting with ecosystems and nature. So we, who are engaged in landscape gardening enterprises, must look again at our role with a new consciousness. By creating space skillfully using natural materials such as water, which is the source of life, plants, which feed various kinds of living creatures, and stones, which have been formed over years, we learn from nature and we are refined by it. I think that the spirit of the established gardening methods of our predecessors is so much closer to that of people to-day, who are seeking to create an ecological environment around them. The social needs for landscape gardening enterprises have gone beyond the small defined space of a 'garden' to encompass the 'earth's environment'.
In order to make a substantial contribution to our society, we, the members of HAKONE UEKI LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD., will continue to strive towards improving our skills and knowledge.
We hope that we may look forward to your continued support.
Shinya Wada
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